Sublimation Prints - Ultimate Mystery Grab Bag

Sublimation Prints - Ultimate Mystery Grab Bag

Sublimation Prints - Ultimate Mystery Grab Bag

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10 mixed sublimation transfers - it will be everyday transfers, current or upcoming holidays.
Both adult size -11 inches wide & youth size - 9"

Sublimation Transfers:
The sublimation transfer must be used on a 65% or more polyester garment. 65% polyester will give it a vintage look. To get the most vibrant look, use 100% polyester.

The garment must be used on a light colored fabric. The transfer will not print white.

You will need a heat press for using this transfer.

Recommended Fabrics: Sublimation ink ONLY adheres to Polyester.  The higher the polyester content, the more vibrant the image will be.  50% Poly/Cotton blends will work but the image will have a faded look. Light colored garments are recommended.  Sublimation will not show up on dark colored garments.

Temperature Range: 385-400°F; Heat Press is recommended for Sublimation prints.

Press Time: 45-55 seconds

Pressure: Low-Medium

  1. Set heat transfer machine to desired temperature.
  2. Place garment on pad, smooth wrinkles and remove any lint or foreign material from the surface of the garment.
  3. Position transfer in desired position with transfer side against garment. Use heat tape to secure image.  Place craft/parchment paper on top of transfer.
  4. Close and heat press for desired time, making sure pressure setting is set to low/medium.
  5. Release heating head gently and remove paper cover sheet.  Peel transfer hot.(Ghosting can occur if image shifts while pressing or when releasing press. We encourage to gently release press to prevent ghosting).  DO NOT REUSE YOUR COVER SHEET! YOU RISK TRANSFERRING INK TO ANOTHER GARMENT!

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